Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 10

Loved class on Tuesday!  Great participation!  

This week work on S-Vl-PA compound sentences and chart L (Adjectives).  Please review charts C, D, G, & K.  We’ll be reviewing charts in class.



Depending on your child’s level, he or she can write only one story and work on it for the next two weeks or write two stories from pictures.  The source texts are on page 99 & 104.  The Magic Lamp or The Knight and the Dragon.  Please make sure they look at each picture and choose a central fact to write each paragraph and then move to the second picture and write a central fact.  The third paragraph they will do the same. Try to focus on the central fact and not get side tracked.  Tell them to have fun and get creative with vocab too.  Try to put all the decorations we’ve learned so far in his or her paper with a who/which clause, which is new this week.  


Any questions, please call me.






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