Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 6

Great work everyone!  We’ve made it through week 6 and the papers you all are writing and sharing in class is fantastic!  Keep it up!

We don’t meet next week, so be reviewing Charts A-H, Compound sentences, and S-Vt-DO purpose.  When you do your task sheets, start asking these questions to find out if your verb is transitive or intransitive.  Michelle put this out and I want you all to be asking these questions when you break apart your sentences.

Below is for Practice Sentence, Task 3- Question Confirmation, Memorize these questions:

Ask :     Who (verb)? Or What (verb)?   subject     

Ask :     What is being said about (subject)?  subject  verb

Ask :     (subject) (verb) what or  (subject) (verb)  whom?   answer     

* If there is no answer your verb is intransitive and you are done finding your sentence pattern.

* If there is an answer, then you must ask 2 more questions. (because it could be a Direct Object, but it could also be a Predicate Noun/Adjective)

Ask :     Can (DO) replace or describe (subject)? If no, answer is a DO, label verb transitive

For IEW, the vocab is lesson 7 in the student binder.  Yes, lesson seven.  This information became clear to me when I looked over the daily checklist my girls use everyday.  From now on the vocab won’t match up to our actual week 7, 8, 9, etc… If you look at the daily checklist, you’ll see the vocab lessons are now labeled 7, 9, 11, etc…  Our level B students are to also add words using a thesaurus to the back of their vocab cards.


We are working on Summarizing References with Charlemagne, the Conqueror (page 42) this week and using our newest stylistic technique:  Topic Sentences/Clinchers.  We already outlined this in class.  Work on your paragragh this week with new vocab including all the rest of the dress-ups and openers we’ve learned through week six.  Next week for the level B students, you can be working on the outline and paragraph, Charlemagne, the Reformer (page 44).  Remember to just pick out key information on Charlemagne being a Reformer.  When we get together in two weeks, we’ll be in week seven and will work on Charlemagne, Founder of the Holy Roman Empire (page 46) together with www.asiab and #5 openers.


Password to get into class:  What is a Topic Sentence/Clincher?


Have a blessed two weeks!





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